Welcome to the Northern Council for Global Cooperation

 NCGC is a leader in engaging Northern Canadians on issues of global social justice and sustainability.  We are a network of individuals, organizations and institutions based in Canada's three Northern Territories who are committed to achieving a just and sustainable world. 

A Roadmap to Global Citizenship for Northern Canadians

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 Explore internships and volunteer placements abroad for students, youth and professionals and learn more about Northern Canadians already making a difference at home and around the world.


Funding for Canadian small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) to test innovative solutions that advance gender equality. 



Find out more about our partners. 


View the Northern Perspective on the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
photography collection.


Costa Rica Interns


Internships abroad are a great way for Canadian youth to gain professional experience and boost their knowledge and skills.
Learn more about the International Internships for Indigenous Youth Program in
Cambodia, Costa Rica, Guyana, Kenya, Myanmar and Nepal.

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Movement Map

In 2016, NCGC worked with the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) to find more of the network of people working toward the SDGs.   What we found was an Invisible Mosaic” of hundreds of groups working toward the SDGs, many of them unknowingly through the work on projects and initiatives they were already doing. 

We asked how to move forward and make the invisible mosaic, well, visible  – and thus, the Movement Map was born.

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 Check out the Movement Map to see who is working within the framework of the SDGs in northern Canada.

Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals in Canada and the #Can2030Agenda.