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Live-Stream: The Business Case for the SDGs. Why the SDGs are the Right Framework at the Right Time with Unilever CEO, Paul Polman. 

Tuesday, November 6th

8:00 - 9:00 am

*breakfast served at 7:30 am

(co)-space - new location - 2180 2nd avenue, Whitehorse Y1A 5N6

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Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce

Working breakfast generously sponsored by the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce.

 YDEC Annual Global Village Fair

You can take action as a global citizen and show solidarity with producers around the world by purchasing fair trade products and helping to promote fair trade in your community! 

Support Fair Trade at the Global Village Fair:

• 10,000 villages
• Ghanaian Baskets
• Fair trade teas & coffees
• Maiwa textiles from India
• Mongolian & Nepalese felts
• Lao scarves
• Zambian fabric prints 
• Japanese towels
• New Internationalist
• Social Justice Clubs

What is Fair Trade?

• Producers, workers and artisans receive a fair return for their labour
• Products are grown or manufactured in democratically structured workplaces with safe working conditions and no child labour
• Production is predicated on the least harm being done to the natural environment
• Communities benefit from a fair trade premium, a portion of profits dedicated to education, health care and other community initiatives

The Global Village Fair is an annual fundraising event organized by the Northern Council for Global Cooperation (NCGC), formally the Yukon Development Education Centre, (YDEC). All proceeds will go towards supporting NCGC's programming.