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This placement is facilitated by GPI Atlantic’s long-time development partner Thai Volunteer Service and the Kalyana Mitta Development Foundation in Myanmar. 

TVS coordinates development projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. TVS works in eight Mekong countries, coordinating community development initiatives and linking Non-Governmental Organizations with essential resources and supports. This includes the placement of committed and skilled personnel on their development projects. TVS aims to foster skills in young people through experiential volunteer activities and helping youth who have experienced significant challenges become agents of social change.

TVS's objectives are:

  1.  To create forums of learning for developing attitudes and skills for volunteers who want to support vulnerable communities;
  2.  To enhance the capacity of young people to develop their skills and analytical thinking by conducting training and exposure trips;
  3. To promote collaboration among non-governmental organizations and governmental organizations; and
  4.  To seek a social development approach with other sectors to create a just and peaceful society.

Kalyana Mitta Foundation 

Kalyana Mitta Foundation, initiated as Buddhist Youth Empowerment Program in 2008, was officially registered as a local NGO in 2013 based on the demand of its alumni. The BYEP has been run for six years (2008 – 2013) throughout the country by empowering young Buddhists to become socially engaged for social transformation. The program mainly results in 34 Alumni Core Groups (most of them have been transformed into CBOs) and reached out more than 1500 youth as a strong network among them. Some alumni are actively engaging in variety of development sectors such as community development, gender equality, environmental conservation and social justice movement such as land grabbing issues and public awakening. Evolutionary development of KMF is very unique and bottom up process as it was based on Alumni’s demand and their consultation.

Vision: Towards holistically developed peaceful and joyful society.

Mission: Upgrading the capability of KMF’s allianced CBOs in Myanmar, Collaborative actions with those allainced CBOs, Cooperation with other CSOs and Networks, Uplifting KMF’s organizational capacity to implement the strategic missions.

Values: Socially engaged spirituality

Placement Characteristics:

GPI, KMF and TVS are looking for interns who have a genuine desire to help others and who are interested in developing skills they can bring home to help their own communities. In year 2, interns will be working in Loikaw, Myanmar with KMF. In years 3 and 5, interns will work with TVS and their Cambodian partners in the capital. Phnom Penh.

The host organization will help find accommodations, and help interns deal with visa requirements, finding their way around and participating in community activities.

Nicole Autum Dakota Cambodia

IIY cohort 1 interns Nicole Lawson, Autum Jules and Dakota Francis in Cambodia.

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