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The VYC was launched in 1996 against a backdrop of deteriorating care in the health sector, particularly at Guyana’s primary health care institution-Georgetown Hospital. Since that time, VYC has since grown to broadly address the developmental needs of children and youth through access to health, social and economic support necessary for improved quality of life. The youth unemployment rate is 41% in Guyana and when dis-aggregated by sex, the rate for young women is 46.90% unemployment and 39.70% for young men. VYC seeks to support young women in their careers and seeks to enhance women’s opportunities to start their own businesses. An overarching goal is to improve the socioeconomic conditions of young women living in Georgetown, Guyana.

Project Samples

The Volunteer Youth Corps Inc Career Guidance Program is a locally developed course taught by certified teachers in participating schools, as mandated by the Ministry of Education.  The vision of the program is to reduce the youth unemployment rate by expanding to National implementation by the Ministry of Education.  The Program goals are to develop students’ self awareness for the purpose of more fulfilling career development, develop job competencies, cultural awareness, appreciation and inclusion of ethnic and gender diversity and positive attitudes toward and contribution to environmental sustainability.  To this end the Career Guidance Program facilitators at participating schools are regularly monitored to ensure our accountability to funders and the ongoing maintenance and development of the course.

VYC Robotics Program: In most developed countries, Robotics education is integrated in the school curriculum under STEM. While in Guyana there is no known Robotics school or Laboratory established there are still great efforts being done by the organization - STEM Guyana.  Guyana is well on its way in promoting Robotics. In June 2017, the Robotics and Technology Exhibition in Georgetown showcased Robotics in a sports centre filled with children, youth, parents and other relatives, educators, and the general public. In July, Guyana experienced international recognition by coming in 10th out of 165 countries in the “FIRST Global Challenge” in Robotics in Washington, DC.

Volunteer Youth Corps Inc (VYC) will commence the implementation of a Robotics program targeting in-school youth under its Afterschool Interactive Math and Science Program. The After-school Interactive Math and Science (AIMS) program focuses on providing afternoon classes to High school youth using the concept of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Robotics incorporates engineering (mechanical, electrical, computer), sciences (mathematics and physics) and arts (aesthetics) and users are free to use their imagination. 

The Robotics program will be implemented in 10 High schools (hosting the Afterschool interactive Math and Science Program). It is anticipated that a total of 300 students will complete the following
levels in year 1:

  •  Level 1: Basic for beginners
  •  Level 2: Advanced /Post beginners
  •  Level 3: Expert level (post-advanced)

The program will expose students to innovation and creative technologies and strengthened STEM education be taught under AIMS. Application of Technology and Engineering education is an interconnected learning paradigm needed in Guyana’s education curriculum.

Placement description:

Intern’s will primary be based at the VYC office, located in the city center and will also travel to various schools in the area. The interns will be following a set work schedule from Monday to Friday, along with their fellow colleagues.

Accommodation will be a shared house or apartment, also located near or in the city center.

Interns will be required to take public transit to and from their work.

Note that this placement is located in an urban setting and travel to Indigenous and remote communities in Guyana is challenging due to costs and location. It is possible that interns may have the opportunity to conduct 1 or 2 community visits while on placement, however this will be confirmed. 

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Cohort 1 Interns Maisyn Sock, Sarah Hanson and Tyler Nowosad-Daniels visit the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs in Georgetown, Guyana.


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