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The RVRC is located in the heart of the Rift Valley, Kenya and is a rich, high-elevation agricultural area. It is also home to some of the most accomplished runners in the world. Dirt trails located on the equator at 7000ft elevation provide an outstanding training environment. The Rift Valley Resource Center facilitates a number of community projects that support education, health care, business development, water resources, art, music, and agriculture.  We believe in community development over charity for individuals. The partnerships we have with local educators, tradespeople, small business owners and women’s groups are the lifeblood of the Rift Valley Resource Centre. Our local partners have gained invaluable skills, management and project development experience, opportunities to start businesses, return to school, get involved with local governance and make changes that are significant to the community

Maisyn and Owen

See: Intern in Kenya - a photo essay by Owen Gould (left, above with Maisyn Sock)

Project Sample: Community Water Wells Project

In this region water wells are necessary and are generally “shallow dug”, meaning that they only reach to the water table at the time the well is dug.  These wells are unsafe, unsanitary and unreliable in the dry season. Water borne diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera and general dysentery are common with the contaminated water from the shallow wells. Since March, 2016, the RVRC, in partnership and support from Run for Life, Inc. has implemented a water well drilling program for schools, community centres, and health centres. We were able to fund raise over $20,000 in 2016 to purchase a portable water well drill called “the Village Drill”.  This small, portable drill is easy to transport, set up and drill bore hole water wells in the rural communities throughout the Rift Valley. To date, the RVRC has dug eight water wells and Run for Life has helped sponsor the hand pumps that must be installed as a last step for clean running water.

Interns hired for this placement will be expected to work collaboratively as a team of four in addition to alongside staff and community in Kenya. They will need to collectively contribute the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to supporting the projects and activities of the RVRC including the water well program, visiting schools and delivering workshops and, supporting the development of the centre as a community hub.

Placement Characteristics:

The RVRC has two full time employees on site at all times- the general site manager and the facilities supervisor.  There are several schools and one health clinic located close to the centre and the teachers and headmasters at these school’s work in partnership with the centre manager and partners on programing. The centre manager, most contract employees and the education partners all speak English. Participants of the IIIYP will stay on-site at the RVRC. This facility provides a safe place to stay and the community partners would have many contacts with organizations throughout the area. After the initial orientation and acclimation to the area, participants would be monitored on a weekly basis both at the facility and via long distance through phone calls or Skype with Run for Life staff based in Canada. Internet is available and accessible at the facility and cell phone coverage is good.

This placement is located in a rural setting.

Interns and School kids

IIY cohort 1 interns Owen Gould, Roman Levi, Cassidy McKellop and Maisyn Sock pose for a photo with school children in Mosoriot, Kenya.

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