INUKSUK HIGH SCHOOL: This secondary school based in Iqaluit teaches a grade-10 "Global Citizenship" course.  Many of the students are actively engaged in social justice issues...  [see more]
NUNAVUT SIVUNIKSAVUT (NS): A unique eight-month college program based in Ottawa.  It is for Inuit youth who want to prepare for the educational, training and career opportunities that are being created by their land clams and self-government agreements... [see more]
NORTHERN YOUTH ABROAD: Northern Youth Abroad seeks to foster cross-cultural awareness, individual career goals, and international citizenship in Northern youth.  They promote leadership development, healthy self-confidence and self esteem by providing life changing experiences... [see more]
FISH4KENYA: In 1984 Whitehorse’s Susan Thompson travelled to Kenya as a volunteer with Canadian Crossroads International, a journey that formed the foundation for work and friendships that drew her back to Kenya many times… [see more]
GRANDMOTHERS TO GRANDMOTHERS:  Raising grandchildren who have been orphaned by AIDS is all too common in Africa. In response to the challenges faced by African grandmothers, the Stephen Lewis Foundation launched…[see more]
LITTLE FOOTPRINTS BIG STEPS (LFBS): Founded by Yukoner Morgan Wienberg and Ontario RN Sarah Wilson in 2011. Both were volunteering in Haiti and saw the need for an organization dedicated to child and family advocacy. Based in Les Cayes, Haiti, LFBS was founded to aid in rescuing children from situations of abuse, slavery, homelessness or severe neglect… [see more]
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Established in the early 1980's, members are involved because they care about the safety and protection of people who are fighting against oppressive governments so they can live with freedom, dignity and enjoy basic human rights. Amnesty International often reports on the successful outcomes of the cases members write on.… [see more]
HANDS OF HOPE: Established in 2006 by Yukoners Rosemarie and Liesel Briggs. The organization assists underprivileged children and adults in India and Nepal to develop independence and self-reliance. Hands of Hope develops libraries, builds classrooms, funds post-secondary education for Nepalese orphans, and sponsors Tibetan refugee families… [see more]
KESHO TRUST: Works with communities and conservation agencies to improve relationships between them and find ways to encourage long-term sustainable conservation and community development. Currently the organization is working in eastern Africa and Canada on conservation projects, conservation education, and supporting economic and community development initiatives.   Conducting related community based research in partnership with academic institutions in Canada and Africa also helps to enrich Kesho Trust’s development and conservation contributions… [see more]
VANIER SOCIAL JUSTICE CLUB: Once per week a special group of students meets at Vanier Catholic School. Supported by teachers Sylvie Hamel and Janet Clarke, the Social Justice Club meets to direct their energy towards making the world a better place. Whether it is in their own backyard or across the globe, the Social Justice Club has a history of empowering students and making a difference… [see more]
NORTHERN CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABILITY: The Northern Centre for Sustainability (NCFS) is a living lab and innovation hub built upon the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It will demonstrate cutting edge pre-commercial building technologies, and be the first “Living Building” in Canada’s North – one of the world’s most stringent eco-building certification programs. The NCSF will be carbon-negative and energy, water, waste, and people-positive. It will be a hub in which knowledge will move between isolated northern indigenous communities, Ecology North, the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, Concordia University, and the University of Alberta. This project will actively promote technology replication, build retrofit economy momentum in Canada, and be the first project of its kind in the North [see more]
ALTERNATIVES NORTH: Social justice coalition operating in the Northwest Territories. Within their ranks are representatives of churches, labour unions, environmental organizations, women and family advocates and anti-poverty groups.  Individual citizens are important participants in our work...[see more]
SIR JOHN FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL: Students from Sir John Franklin High School are working on a Town Hall project with students across Canada to write a White Paper on Global Citizenship, for UNESCO, which will be presented at a conference in May...[see more]
NORTHERN YOUTH ABROAD: Seeks to foster cross-cultural awareness, individual career goals, and international citizenship in Northern youth.  They promote leadership development, healthy self-confidence and self esteem by providing life changing experiences... [see more] 
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