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What & Why

Given its foundations, it does not take long when peeling back layers to find that colonial and racist structures are still permeating much of the work of the international development sector. These attitudes show themselves in governance, spending patterns, staff selection, remuneration, and much more. Calls for decolonization are widespread.

A significant barrier to decolonization is how we are bound by own worldviews and perspectives and continue to impose our language, ideas, and beliefs on the global majority. What has shaped our own thinking, values and beliefs? We believe that exploring the implicit assumptions, and attitudes drawn from the dominant worldview is instrumental in reforming the international development sector.  

While recognizing the complexity of our histories and our present we will work together to untangle and reframe current approaches to seeking justice, sustainability and equality.

Alternatives to development programs

NCGC is currently collaborating with Frame45 to co-create Alternatives to Development (AtoD) workshops for teachers, campaigners, activists, policy makers, NGOs, volunteers, and the international development sector.

The purpose of the AtoD program is to reimagine a world that upholds the integrity, respect and dignity of all in ways that foster justice, equality and sustainability.

The AtoD workshops will offer tools and resources to reflect on diverse worldviews and perspectives and their influence on social justice, global inequality, and sustainability. Participants will be encouraged to examine their underlying tenets, values and beliefs and how these influence approaches to development. We will explore 'alternatives to development' that open up new pathways toward global solidarity and a better future for all.

The AtoD program is currently in production and the first pilot workshop will be delivered in September 2024. Stay tuned!

Multimedia Stories

Multimedia stories researched and created by our collaborators from around the globe is a significant contribution to our AtoD program. With these stories, we are able to breathe life back into research and facts.

The below stories are a glimpse into the work of our East African collaborators from 2023.

Global Activists!

We will continue to enrich to our AtoD program through the voices and images from our global collaborators.

Global activists, creators, researchers and storytellers, if you would like to collaborate with us and contribute to our multimedia story library and our Alternatives to Development program, please contact us!

Africanizing giving: Focusing on community philanthropy practices in Uganda

By Kemigisa

This multimedia story juxtaposes dominant notions of philanthropy with African forms of giving.  and brings people into the conversation as contributors to the solution. This multimedia story offers a hopeful and real way to move out of the post-colonial mindset on the 'giver and receiver' relationship.

The Reality of food Aid in Kenya

By Stacey Mati

The imposition of Food aid and Western agricultural technologies has created problems for Kenyan agriculture and farmers.

When Pay Turns into Pain

By Lucy Wanjiku Njenga

No one ever asks why I make what I make, especially those who are paid really well. The politics of pay structures, gaps and inequalities, and the history of 'dual pay structures'.