We're working toward a just, equitable and sustainable world.

"I am quite confident that even as the oceans boil, and the hurricanes beat violently against our once safe shores, and the air sweats with the heat of impending doom, and our fists protest the denial of climate justice, that there is a path to take that has nothing to do with victory or defeat: a place we do not yet know the coordinates to; a question we do not yet know how to ask."
~ Báyò Akómoláfé

Our beginning

34 years ago, NCGC was born out of the desire to build a network of northern Canadians who wanted to better understand our world and make a positive impact in it.

Over the years, our programs and activities have included social media campaigns, learning opportunities for youth and educators, public speaking events on global issues, gatherings designed to create connections between local and global peoples, and more.

Listening, learning and reflecting

While our past engagement efforts have been relatively successful, we now recognize the need to re-examine the very concept of "social justice", and cultivate an approach that includes a wider range of perspectives.

We have established trusted and valued partnerships with our Indigenous and global partners by listening, and learning. We are recognizing that the dominant worldview currently imposed on Canadian policy and discourse discourages participation in these spaces, and calls for decolonization have been widespread.

This means recasting how we think of global social justice and solidarity.

REFRAMING:Now we're looking forward, and deeper

We are committed to creating space to speak through identity, emotion, history, spirit and reconciliation to achieve the just, equitable and sustainable world we are working toward. This starts with examining the beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes born of the dominant worldview.

Through our offerings, we will attempt to demystify what we mean by decolonization and how we can commit to relinquishing privilege and shifting power. We do not mean to diminish the many positive elements contained in current frameworks; rather we aspire to offer alternative ways of working toward justice, equality and sustainability.

In this world, all beings engage in relationships of respect and reciprocity. We strive to ensure work toward this world is truthful, meaningful and whole.

We are continuously reflecting, learning and reframing. Please join us.